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Andorra is the most difficult place you can imagine trying to navigate without a guide – there is no official mapping, and the ones which do exist all contradict each other, and are very inaccurate. Additionally, almost every valley below 1800m is covered in thick forests, so you can’t even see where you are! However, it’s this which makes Andorra almost unique in Western Europe – our trail network is almost deserted, other than by a few locals and guided walkers. There’s no lack of trails once you know where to find them, but they simply don’t get much use. The only busy trails tend to unrideable walking routes up in the craggiest areas, where you wouldn’t want to be with a bike anyway! This means that almost wherever we ride we barely see anyone at all. We take you to phenomenal singletrack in every corner of this tiny country, yet we have genuinely had weeks where we have not met another trail user! You are going to be amazed, not just by how good the riding in Andorra is, not even by incredibly beautiful and unspoiled it is: mainly you are going to wonder “why the hell have I not ridden here sooner?”!

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We have gradually evolved our Andorran Holiday over the past few years – it has become a trail rider’s dream, with perfect natural singletrack unfurling under your wheels at every corner! See the bottom of the page for info on some of our favourite rides, but we always tailor each week to the group we are riding with, in order to give you the best possible holiday. We gradually increase the difficulty of the riding so you go home full of confidence and new-found skills.

Andorra is a mountain biking paradise – don’t make the mistake of thinking the Pyrenees are a soft option compared with the Alps. With huge, snow capped mountains; it feels very Alpine, but with a climate more similar to that of nearby Spain. The positive attitude to bikers from the incredibly warm and friendly people is amazing, and  the natural riding is staggering…and completely devoid of other bikers!. It is Andorra’s busiest & best positioned summer town, full of fellow riders enjoying Vallnord Bike Park, host to the 2015 MTB World Championships and now an annual World Cup venue.

We have changed our hotel accommodation from 2022 based on feedback from our guests over recent summers. We are now based just outside La Massana; Andorra’s most vibrant and lively summer town – it’s  filled with shops, restaurants and bars. The locals are incredibly bike-friendly and you are guaranteed of a warm welcome – especially in the hotel, which is family run, with recently refurbished rooms and a much more social environment than our previous hotel. Our guests told us they wanted outdoor space, less noise than in the town centre and a better onsite bar and restaurant – our new hotel ticks all these boxes…and more!

The hotel is slightly out of town – but amazingly it’s still a downhill to the lift and also at the foot of some of our secret Enduro trails down from Vallnord, so we still have easy access to the park! The town centre is only 2 minutes away by bike (or by a cheap, regular bus) – there are several great bike shops, bars that offer everything from sunny terraces to live music, food to suit any tastes and a great atmosphere wherever you go. We will be on hand to make sure that you find the best of them, of course!

As mentioned the hotel is extremely bike friendly – and has been chosen due to its’ fantastcially social feel! Our guests told us they wanted a quieter location (the town has a lot of traffic noise) a better bar, a restaurant open, in the evenings and more areas to socialise on site. Our new hotel has all of these things – plus it has a riverside garden and terrace area for chilling out post-ride where we hope to host a few BBQs this summer!

Our guided guests also have access to our tools, workstand and track pump etc, which are locked away separately in a side room for your exclusive use. Bike washing is very easy too – La Massana has multiple bike-wash stations around the town, which are very rarely crowded – you will normally not need to queue to use them.

Location-wise, this accommodation offers us an opportunity to really mix up our routes, making use of our unparalleled local contacts – we will sometimes ride direct from the door, and at other times we’ll load your bikes into vehicles and head further afield too. Andorra is incredibly mountainous, but we don’t spend much more than 20 minutes or so in the van at any time. We often do point-to-point rides where we start and finish in different locations too. La Massana sits in the junction of several huge valleys, and mountains tower all around. This means that there are several amazing descents which return you almost to the front door – most of which descend around 1000 vertical metres!

Another benefit of the location is that you can jump on a very cheap bus outside the hotel and be in the capital city – La Vella – in less than 15 minutes. The city is famous as one of the premium duty-free shopping destinations in the world. There are hundreds and hundreds of shops, from big-name brands to department stores…even bike shops! Prices are quite a bit cheaper than the UK – and you will find that the dozens of electrical stores will even let you haggle if you need a new gadget. Also in the city you will find Europe’s largest Spa baths (The Caldea) which are enormous, great fun and are always well-loved by everyone who visits them – it’s not “just for girls” – we couldn’t get the boys from Dirt to leave!

Eating and drinking in Andorra is remarkably cheap – think Spanish prices, minus VAT – so to give you a few examples: a large beer is around 3E (£2), tapas is available from 4E (£3) per dish, a full-sized pizza in a nice restaurant is 9E (£6), main meals in most places start from around 10E (£7) and if you go to the very best restaurant in town and eat the very most expensive dish on the menu you will still only pay around 25E (£19)!

Spending a week in Andorra really does not mean spending a lot of money – you will be very hard pushed to find a better value-for-money riding destination anywhere in Western Europe! You will probably spend half as much money here as you would compared with the Alps…unless you go into the bike shops and get excited, of course…

Holiday Pricing

Our Andorran guided holidays have 3 price points: these simply reflect the amount of uplift (gaining height be vehicles and lifts) which you can expect in those weeks. Mostly this comes down to lift opening dates – we still use vans for uplifts in cheaper low-season weeks, but there may be routes which we have to adapt and do a little more climbing in order to access the highest areas. In higher season weeks we use maximum uplift in order to achieve a huge amount of descending in comparison with how much pedalling there is – we aim for at least 3 times the descending to climbing…and some days we do not climb at all!


Overview Available Dates
7 Night Price Short Break Price Single Supplement Special Offers

– Daily Uplift Supported

– Fully Guided
– Hotel
– Big Breakfasts
– No1 in TripAdvisor
– Secure Bike Store
– Choice of transfers

June 2023
3rd – 12 places




4 night break, 3 days riding



£175 – week
£140 – short break

NEW FOR 2022 MORE UPLIFT! // Early Season, Uplift-Supported Weeks

FOR 2022 WE WILL NOW FEATURE SOME FORM OF UPLIFT EVERY DAY! These early-season weeks are before the lifts are open fully, and in previous years there were days where we rode circular routes without lift-support. From 2021 we will now use we be lift-assisted daily – this means we will use vehicle uplift for high start/ low finish rides (or the lift at Vallnord) EVERY DAY.

Please be aware that in low-season weeks, even WITH van support there is more climbing than in July, August and September, as these weeks are before the opening of the gondola at Soldeu – but we do make alterations to our route choices to reflect the extra effort, and we always climb at a gentle pace with plenty of stops! Some routes will also be slightly shorter than in September, as certain linking lifts which we use to add additional descending in high season weeks will not be open.

Certain big-mountain routes involve longer climbs avoided in higher priced weeks, but usually no areas or major descents are inaccesable. For example, “Jordi’s Way” & “Ridgeliner” are accessed via van uplift followed by around an extra 350m of climbing which would accessed via a gondola in high-season weeks. But with our new format you will still descend far more metres than you will climb!

– Daily/ Max Uplift Support

– Fully Guided
– Hotel
– Big Breakfasts
– No1 in TripAdvisor
– Secure Bike Store
– Choice of transfers

June 2023
10th – 12 places
17th – 12 places
24th – 12 places

Sept 2023
2nd  – 12 places
9th – 12 places
16th – 12 places
23rd – 12 places



4 night break, 3 days riding


£175 – week
£140 – short break

NEW FOR 2022 MORE UPLIFT! // Mid Season, DAILY and MAX Uplifted Weeks

These are traditionally slightly quieter weeks, athough September now sells out every season! There will be a mixture of vehicle uplifts for high start/ low finish rides, plus use of ski lifts wherever possible.

JUNE DATES are DAILY UPLIFTED – these rides will feature some form of uplift every day, but there may be certain routes that have less uplift than in later weeks. For details see the description of the low-season weeks above.

NEW FOR 2022 – SEPTEMBER WEEKS now run in MAX UPLIFT format, just like High Season Weeks!

The gondola at Soldeu will now open every day in September, which means that these weeks will run almost like high season weeks, with heavy use of ski lifts and/or vehicle uplifts every single day for high start/ low finish rides and minimal climbing! They are tradtionally slighty quieter weeks, so we are keeping the price down, but the uplift will increase!

During September we aim to achieve at least 75% descending every day, and some days are entirely uplifted! Some short climbs of upto 30 minutes or so are still neccesary mid-route on our biggest backcountry trails, but this is minimised wherever possible – but, of course, there are not always lifts or roads to the very top of highest trails!

– MAX Uplifted

– Fully Guided
– Hotel
– Big Breakfasts
– No1 in TripAdvisor
– Secure Bike Store
– Choice of transfers

July 2023
1st – 12 places
8th – 12 places
15th – 12 places
22nd – 12 places
29th – 12 places

August 2023
5th – 12 places
12th – 12 places
19th – 12 places
26th – 12 places



4 night break, 3 days riding


£175 – 7 nights
£140 – 4 nights

New for 2022 – High Season, MAX Uplifted Weeks

These high-season weeks have heavy use of ski lifts and/or vehicle uplifts every single day for high start/ low finish rides and involve minimal climbing! If you are wanting to maximise your descents, and minimise your climbing these are the ones to go for as we have the widest uplift options available.

During these weeks we aim to achieve at least 75% descending every day, and some days are entirely uplifted! Some short climbs of upto 30 minutes or so are still neccesary mid-route on our biggest backcountry trails, but this is minimised wherever possible – but, of course, there are not always lifts or roads to the very top of the very best trails!

NEW FOR 2022 – EXTRA DESCENTS! We trialled some tweaks to our format recently, and we are rolling it out fully in 2022; many riding days now include a bonus uplift during the day, so you get even more bang for your buck!

Favourite Trails

Ridge liner

Descent: 15km / 2000m
Uplift: 1600m / Climb: 400m

  • Super high altitude descent from the top of the mountain
  • Once in a lifetime 10km descent
  • Incredible views to the valley a thousand metres below
  • Surprisingly less technical than you would expect
  • Feel like you are starring in an MTB movie!
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Snowline II

Uplift: 750m / Climb: 450m
Descent: 20km / 1150m

  • Can you ride "The Slab"?
  • "21 Questions" - can you clear all the switchbacks?
  • Experience the 72 loamy corners of "Helter Skelter
  • A modern take on an old skool adventure biking day in the mountains
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Jordi's Way v2.0

Descent: 2200m / 23km
Uplift: 1950m / Climb: 250m

  • Descend the height of Ben Nevis (1300m) in one epic final descent
  • Huge big mountain views to die for
  • Watch the singletrack unfurl infront of you at every crest!
  • Fast and flowing terrain....
  • ....spiced up with some technical rock gardens!
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Sky fall

Uplift: 1300m / Climb: 400m
Descent: 1700m / 18km

  • The toughest trail we guide on - anywhere - not for the faint hearted!
  • Descends from way above the treeline to the middle of town
  • Pick your way through huge high mountain rock gardens
  • Descend past lakes and drop into wonderful flowing trails below the treeline
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Off Piste

Descent: 3350m / 29km +
Uplift: 3350m + / Climb: 0m

  • No climbing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
  • Explore the hidden natural singletrack of Vallnord
  • Ride trails that even the locals don't know exist!
  • Every descent drops over 600m back to town
  • Smooth and flowing...rocky and gnarly; hidden deep in the trees there's something for all tastes!
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Enduro Uplift Day

Uplift: 2750m / Climb: 600m
Descent: 3350m / 47km

  • Fantastic van-based uplift day
  • Takes in the best of our original descents with very little effort
  • Choose from fast flowing or incredibly technical trails
  • Take in all the local classic desents in one day: Locals Only, Big Cat, OCD, Tech Neep, Rochefort...
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