Answering Some of Your COVID Travel Questions!

Posted on Covid-19

As the situation regarding European International Travel continues to evolve, and messages are starting to get clearer we are answering some of your COVID travel questions!

Q> What do we think about the UK Government Travel Ban until June?
A – It is arguably not actually as bleak as it looks – the “Travel Ban” is really an administrative measure, which the government have already described as being a way to ease legislative decisions. In other words, June is the date they have chosen initially – but once the review is undertaken in mid April they can then choose when to lift it, and it could very well be earlier than the June date…

Q> What is the effect of the Mainland Europe 3rd Wave?

A- Well, the status of this is arguably the key factor in flux right now as figures are currently on the rise in many countries, but could well be coming back down again by this time in 2 months. However, what we don’t expect to see is a particular spike in Andorra itself. Andorra is proactively testing 17% of it’s population weekly, and they are finding a lot of cases that other countries would miss as a result. They have an R of 1.14, and their mortality rate is one of the lowest in the World according to their own government, at only 1%. In other words, what they are doing is working well.

Q> Will Travel Ease soon?

A- Last summer saw “Travel Corridors” being established across Europe – and the systems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment are now much more robust. Therefore we fully expect to see a similar travel corridor-style plan to be reconfirmed soon. Andorra currently has reciprocal agreements with France and Spain regarding movement – so you can expect that anyone permitted to travel to those countries will also be allowed to enter Andorra eventually. Furthermore they have established a “Green List” of countries which have more than 5000 tests per 100,000 inhabitants , or a positive test rate of below 9% (UK rate on 24/03 was 8.23%). In fact, the UK vaccination programme means British Travellers are one of the most desirable nations for other countries to open up to in future…

Q> What happens if eventually I can’t travel?

A- If your week does end up not being viable due to either Travel Restrictions, or due to the European mainland third wave, we have a very robust, fully published Covid travel policy and guarantee. This allows you to defer to later dates – and we still have plenty of availability in July and August which people booked for June can move into free of charge if they are nervous about early summer travel. Please visit for all the details.

We are still confident that we will be riding with you in Andorra this summer!

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