Commencal Sponsor Us Again for 2020

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Commencal are back at Singletrack Safari for 2020, and we continue working very closely in full partnership together!

We genuinely LOVE Commencal’s bikes – they are beautiful, purposeful, staggeringly capable and amazing value! Our relationship goes back many years –  we rode Andorra-based Commencal bikes between 2012 and 2015 – and after a couple of years working wth another partner last year in 2019 Commencal invited us back to work with them more closely than ever before. In the past few years Commencal have added their own major hire location in Andorra, plus we spend a huge amount of time at their amazing bar and restaurant, the Commencal Spot..we literally ride, eat and drink Commencal!

All of our guides will again be riding Meta AM29s – this is the bike that TOTALLY changed our view on 29ers –  they easily the funnest, most aggressive and fastest bikes we have ever ridden, full-stop – they are a 170/160mm big mountain weapon. What is more they now have a truly cutting-edge range of bikes which are proven winners in both Enduro World Series and World Cup DH.

We strongly recommend that you make your travel plans easy, and hire an amazing, brand-new model from their wide range of bikes direct through our website. From the Clash 27 enduro/ playbike to the EWS-killing Meta AM 29, the incredible Supreme DH 29er and the hottest enduro e-bikes on the planet right now…they have a tool for every job. Prices are fantastic, and you’ll get priority service when booking via our website too.
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There are many reasons for hiring a Commenal for your trip – 

1) the bikes are utterly immaculate
2) all bikes are current-season models
3) Commencal wash and service your hire bike EVERY night as part of the service!
4) you get a high-spec, current-season model in immaculate condition, every time
5) you will probably save at least half of the hire cost by not flying your own bike out
6) no time wasted on packing up your bike
7) far fewer hassles in the airport!

You are hiring direct from the Manufacturer – and of course, they want to make a great impression so that you consider buying one next time you are shopping…so they go to far greater lengths to give you teh perfect bike than the average hire shop does! And what better bike to ride in Andorra than Andorra’s best-known homegrown bike brand? And at these prices it makes so much sense too; why go to the hassle of bringing your own bike when you can ride something literally designed for our trails?

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"...the most perfect sun-dappled loamy singletrack any of us had ever ridden."

MBR Mountain Bike Rider

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