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NEW Day Guiding, Long Weekends and Holidays on our very finest local trails in NORTH WALES! Amazing hidden singletrack and big mountains…

Did you know that our first ever guided week with our inaugral guests actually ran in North Wales, more than 10 years ago? Whilst we are famous for our trips in Andorra we have actually run Singletrack Safari holidays in many destinations over the years – and until 2016 we ran North Wales holidays on a regular basis every year!

We have been riding here regularly since the early 90’s (a young Martin and his pals were at Coed-y-Brenin on opening weekend!) and when we launched we offered a fully organised week as one of our packages. As time progressed these became harder to run, so we stopped advertising them – but we still ran occasional trips and coaching weeks over the last few years.

As a direct result of our love for the area, two years ago we relocated to North Wales permanently! We actually live just down the road from the well known MTB centre at Llandegla – and have gotten even more familiar with what Snowdonia and the whole North Wales area has to offer…we are lucky enough to be up in the mountains or plunging down singletrack hidden in the deep forests every week!

As we are now based locally we can offer anything from day guiding to full week-long trips, based from from wherever you wish to be located – we can show you some amazing hidden singletrack and amazing routes that you will not find alone. You will be astounded at just how much amazing riding is hidden just away from the well-known riding hotspots! Even at super-popular riding locations such as the man-made trails centres of Coed-yBrenin, Llandegla and Betws-y-Coed  we can show you some truly fantastic hidden natural riding that will put a huge smile on your face…and trust us, you won’t find it without local knowledge!

Whether you want to head high into the huge, rugged mountains of Snowdonia, or dive deep into our famously huge, loamy, dense forests we can show you some properly brilliant places to ride whatever your ability level, or how much time you have available.

And best of all, as we live here we can come and ride with you for anything from a day to a full week – we can arrange accomodation too, if you wish – or we can simply just meet you at the trailhead!

Are you ready to (re)discover North Wales and Snowdonia? We have so much riding that you’ll never have seen before! Prices start from £40…

"the land of huge mountains, beautiful singletrack, naughty switchbacks, burgers and beer!"

Shaun Simmons

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