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How Fit Do You Need to Be for Andorra?

1st May 2018 Blog

We have brought our infamous Rambleblog back for 2018 – this time out we discuss how fit you need to be for our Enduro Holidays in Andorra, and some other stuff too! In other episodes so far we have done several product reviews (glasses, ,knee pads) , gone out for some local rides in the UK and upcoming vlogs will look at what weather to expect (we recorded that today!), what to carry n your pack, tyres, retrobiking and lots of other random things! We will, howver, try to keep things relatively brief compared to a few years ago…!! Click here to view ... Read More

Why do we call ourselves an Enduro company?

28th March 2017 Blog

“Enduro” has become a well-used buzzword in mountain biking over the past few years since we first started operating in 2010. It is supposed to a be great, expressive phrase that really gives a better refection of what certain aspects of the sport are really about – but it’s been overused inappropriately…I mean, what makes a mudguard “enduro” exactly?! However, it does also perfectly explain our approach to the riding on our holidays! We’re old enough to remember when Mountain Biking was Mountain Biking, and that was ... Read More

"All in all, what a wonderful week - it was a much needed break for me. Great riding, great company.."

Alex Bailey

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