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North Wales and Snowdonia are known for possessing some of the finest trails in Europe – both of the man-made variety and famously *well-hidden* natural singletrack. The riding here is simply incredible – that’s why superstars such as the Athertons choose to live here, and why we have been riding here for over 25 years, and guiding here since 2010. It also now happens to be our home base in the UK!

With peaks over 1000m, stunning scenery, some of the finest deep-forest riding in the World – AND year-round rideable trails –  North Wales has long been arguably the UK’s best known mountain biking area. But if you want to find what we locals ride, you’ll need a guide!

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North Wales literally has it all; big mountain riding, backcountry exploration, high mountain lakes, dark forest singletrack, trials with mega flow, steep tech, rocks, roots and not to forget loads of loamy lushness that never fails to make us tingle! However, because our best natural riding can be either well-hidden, or intimidating to navigate, many people stick to to the most obvious routes, or the admittedly epic trail centres. Well, unsurprisingly there’s an awful lot more to riding in North Wales that most visitors will never find, and also plenty more that seems far more achievable when you have the backup and support of a knowledgeable local at your side!

We will get you out onto the finest trails and help you find some of the most amazing riding that you wouldn’t have discovered alone. We have been exploring and riding here for over two decades, and even our very first guided trip when we started Singletrack Safari in 2010 was in North Wales. We can get you high into the mountains, or deep into the woods – we have so much variety on our doorstep. You’ll even be amazed at what is hidden away just off the waymarked routes at our famous trail centres! Now that we are based here full-time we can offer anything from day guiding in almost any location, to week-long trips that will show you the most fantastic trails that this beautiful area of the UK has to offer!

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Our day guiding service offers you the ultimate flexibility – we send one of our highly experienced, fully-qualified and knowledgeable local guides to ride with you and show you the trails. We can arrange to meet you in multiple locations – we know trails all over the place in North Wales, so we will agree with you where you want to be based, and find out what sort of riding will suit you best. We will plan a route, tell you where to be, what to bring with you, and when we will meet you at the trailhead! That’s simply it!

"I love the place & will be back there to ride dusty, twisty flow-tastic trails hopefully very soon.."

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