Slovenia Enduro Roadtrip Breakdown

Slovenia borders Italy and Austria, but feels like a new world – it’s one of those countries where the familiarities of Western Europe start to give way to the more “mysterious” Eastern European nations. The language is suddenly almost unrecognisable to many of us, the food is somewhat new and different and everything starts to feel just a bit intimidating and alien to many. This might explain why so few riders venture over the border to ride – and you really, really should as it is arguably one of the finest riding destinations you could ever hope to experience. To this end we have teamed up with our local contacts to put together a trip with a difference – this road trip visits all of the key riding locations, with van transport not only from location to location, but also with multiple uplifts every day to maximise your riding experience. To our knowledge this is the very first fully uplift-assisted holiday in Slovenia, and we have designed to take in the finest trails you could possibly imagine! From huge mountain vistas to deep, dark forest loam every day will bring you an incredible riding experience!

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We first started hearing about Slovenia a few years ago through our friends at Mountain Biking UK magazine, and they put us in touch with some hugely knowledgeable and fantastic Slovenian riders – we knew that we simply had to get there and experience these trails for ourselves. We were told to expect legendary levels of flow, and outrageous levels of hospitality – and both points were immediately proven true. Never have we met people as welcoming, warm and open as the Slovenians we met everywhere we went…and boy, do their trails flow! The adriatic coastal climate means very warm temperatures consistently from June to late September…

Whilst Slovenia is a fairly small country it is outrageously blessed with some of the most impressive mountain scenery we have every come across – it is simply stunning wherever you go. It’s a very modern country, but its’ towns and cities are beautiful, with lots of historic architecture and distinctive red-tiled roofs. The purpose of this roadtrip is to let you see as much of Slovenia as possible – but with the minimum of effort.

Every riding day will begin with an uplift to as near to the top of the mountains as we can possibly get you – and normally after a minimal amount of effort you will soon be descending back towards the distant valley floor – these mountains are big! Most of our big descents here are over 1000m – and we even have some which are nearly 2000m vertically!

Holiday Pricing

Our Slovenian guided holidays are unique – we use 3 different locations to accomodate you through the week; Soca Valley, Ajdovscina and Trzic. These have been carefully selected to be incredibly bike-friendly, whilst located perfectly for accessing the trails. On this trip, rather than having a choice of accomodation you get to see a mixture – but all are fantastic! The accomdation is positioned to minimise drive times and make great locations from which to head for the mountains each morning. Prices include airport transfers to and from Llubljana, all accomdation, qualified local guides vetted and selected by Singletrack Safari, breakfasts, all van transport, and all vehicle uplifts as far as eh van can carry us! Please note that all Slovenian holidays start on Sundays due to increased flight availability on that day. Due to the roadtrip format we have to have a designated start and finish day.


Overview Available Dates
7 Night Price Short Break Price Single Supplement Special Offers

– Fully Uplifted

– Fully Guided
– Group Airport Transfer included
– All van uplifts included
– Great quality accomodation
– 2 nights Soca Valley, 2 Nights Ajdovscina, 3 nights Trzic
– Breakfasts included
– Evening Guiding some nights
– Secure Bike Storage

July 2019

07/07/18 – 7 places left




4 night break, 3 days riding



£150- week
£110 – short break

On this trip we will accomodate single riders together with others wherever possible – in which case this charge is cancelled.

Limited Availability in 2019 – and already selling fast!

These listed weeks are dates where we already have bookings in place – however, if you are a group (maximum number is 7) and require alternative dates please let us know – we should be able to arrange it!. There will be a mixture of daily vehicle uplifts (usually two per day) for high start/ low finish rides, plus use of ski lifts on certain days.

These rides will feature lots of uplift every day, but there may be certain routes that require a few short climbs – for example “Roller Coaster” includes around 130m of climbing at the start…but that accesses 1050m of descending! Many days will have multiple uplifts – especially the”Ajdovscina Flowrider” day, which will feature as much uplift as we can fit in!

OPTIONAL Private Airport Transfer from or to Llubljana

– our prices INCLUDE airport transfers
– this charge is to upgrade to a private transfer only
– if you choose flights that fit in with our normal transfer you DO NOT pay this charge!


£100 one way

Price is per group, NOT per person

£100 one way

Price is per group, NOT per person


As this holiday has a roadtrip format we cannot include multiple transfer times without significantly increasing our prices, therefore our transfers will leave the airport late afternoon. If you plan to arrive late, or if you want to avoid waiting at the airport we can arrange an additional private transfer for you. This also applies for departures – we will drop you to the airport during the morning – again, if this is not suitable we can request a private transfer for you.

Additional transfer prices are per GROUP not per person so if there are 5 people in your group they will pay £20 each x5=£100

PLEASE NOTE – This is an optional upgrade to allow guests to arrive at out-of-hours times or reduce delays – if you arrive during normal hours and are willing to wait for the group you DO NOT pay this charge!

OPTIONAL Private Airport Transfer from or to VENICE

– our prices INCLUDE airport transfers to/from Llubljana
– this charge is to upgrade to a private transfer to VENICE AIRPORT only
– if you choose flights that fit in with our normal transfer you DO NOT pay this charge!


£250 one way

Price is per group, NOT per person

£250 one way

Price is per group, NOT per person


This option allows guests to arrive via Venice airport if that suits you better – but this is an optional extra, not included in the standard holiday price. This fee is for a group – so if there are 5 people it will actuallu be £50 per person x5 = £250

Venice is a longer transfer distance, and requires us to engage a seperate vehicle and driver, hence the higher cost.

If you travel to Llubljana during normal hours you DO NOT have to pay this fee!

Favourite Trails

Roller Coaster

Descent: 1050m / 11km approx
Uplift: 915m / Climb: 133m

  • Over 1000m and 11km top to bottom
  • Often fast & sometimes furious forest ridgeline descent
  • Perfect forest loam offers high speed blasts...
  • ...but watch out for the regular technical sections!
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Red Alert

Uplift: 1780m / Climb: 50m
Descent: 1830m / 11km

  • Red Alert is the toughest trail we have *ever* guided
  • Less intmidating Yellow Alert trail is 70% the same route
  • Enormous uplift, almost no climbing
  • 1830m vertically from the very top to bottom!
  • Staggering big mountain scenery
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Ajdovscina Uplift Day

Descent: 3000m approx
Uplift: 3000m approx / Climb: None

  • A full day of shuttled van uplifts on amazing trails
  • Multiple descents of 500 to 1000 metres
  • Slovenia's unltimate van uplift location on the doorstep
  • Some of the most flowing trails you'll find anywhere!
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Rock n Pussycat

Uplift: 2000m / Climb: 0m
Descent: 2000m / 20km

  • Fully lift-assisted, natural feeling bike park
  • How many 1000m descents can you fit in?!
  • Pussycat - super-fun, fast and flowing for any rider
  • Rockn'Flow - far more challenging in places, but our favourite!
  • Stunning views across the plains 1000m below
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Zaga Zags

Descent: 1080m / 8km
Uplift: 1040m / Climb: 40m

  • One of our favourite trails, ever, anywhere!
  • 1000m uplift to above the trees
  • Lightning fast forest loam
  • An ultimate Enduro trail - perfect in every way
  • Super high speed straights and sharp, loamy corners
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