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“The air is clear, the sky is blue…Plumes of white dust kick up…and warm, dry air feeds into your lungs…jump after jump, berm after berm…in to any of the multiple dusty, rocky, techy and flowy main trails and you have yourself a lot of options…everyone is having a great time on a perfectly graded, well maintained & modern mountainside.” Dirt Magazine on Singletrack Safari

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If you want to visit the famous, incredible Bike Park at Pal Arinsal (was Vallnord) but don’t want to stay in a hotel this option is ideal. This is the best of both worlds: independant accomodation so you have your own space anjd can self cater if you prefer, but a stress-free, fully organised and supported trip! These prices are INCLUSIVE of lift passes and airport transfers too … We have several of these apartments available, so they can be well suited to group bookings!

We are the Official Holiday Partner to Pal Arinsal, which means that we are able to offer you a fantastic package INCLUDING apartment accommodation, local support, airport transfers and lift passes at a far, far cheaper rate than you could get by booking directly! Don’t want self catering accomodation? Check out our standard hotel holiday, which iincludes a fab hotel with breakfasts.

Arriving into Barcelona airport you meet the scheduled transfer bus which takes you direct to the door of your well-equipped, family-owned apartments in the the busy town of La Massana. This is Andorra’s most popular and best positioned summer town, situated just a few minutes outside the capital city, amidst towering tree lined mountains, directly at the foot of Pal Arinsal Bike Park itself.

Pal Arinsal will again host the World Championships in 2024, and regularly hosts World Cups – in fact it now hosts a round almost every year! The annual Maxiavalanche race in June is sister event to the infamous Megavalanche. It is easy to understand why such huge events come here: there is over a vertical kilometre of descending from the top of the mountain back into town! The top of the park is open and flowing, but as you dip below the treeline the trails become much more steep, twisting tightly through the trees, occasionally bursting out into bright, sunlit clearings. Cedric Gracia was the mastermind behind much of the riding here, and you may well bump into him riding the park…

There is a broad variety of trails to enjoy – and lots of choice…there’s upwards of twenty separate DH routes here! Many of these cross one another, making it very easy to switch between trails on each run to keep things fresh. Not that you will get bored of course – there’s a lot of riding to be had, and due to their length each track will take you a lot of sessioning before you start to feel that you are hitting the optimum lines. We’d challenge anyone to feel that they know every turn of the super-bermy, dusty Commencal track without slamming out several dozen runs!

There’s great progression to be had by exploring the trails here – there are some great introductory singletrack trails to get you into the feel of the super-dusty surfaces. These prepare you perfectly to step up to trails like the rocky blue of “Skippy” which ploughs down the mountain from the midstation at high speed. Then there are trails such as Corpablanca; a tough, steep, twisting blue trail peppered with rocks, drop offs and even a mini road gap!

There’s a lot to satisfy more experienced riders of course: these are big mountains after all! From the peak at 2358m you have two amazing red trails: Cubil – which is a fast, flowing berm and tabletop infested run through dazzling sunlit meadows, or you can hook into the full Maxiavalanche descent right back to town…which grows more difficult the lower you drop down towards town – with the final few kilometres being a super-tough black graded tech fest of natural singletrack. If that’s not enough there are two north shore “Wood Parks” which are significantly different to one another – one being easier, the other being somewhat, well..nuts, quite frankly!

Finally, if you really want a challenge you can head onto the super-tough “Project One”, which mixes super tough natural trails with enormous rock drops, skinnies and more. And of course, we haven’t even mentioned the THREE fearsome World Cup/ World Championship DH trails…

After an amazing day on the trails you’ll be more than happy to head back to La Massana for a cold (and cheap!) – beer from a frosted glass! If you need spares there are lots of big, well stocked bike shops. Remember that Andorra is basically tax-free, so there are sometimes genuine bargains to be had! You can also rent high quality bikes here – unlike many shops in the Alps the machinery is top quality, well maintained and usually current season. You’ll find loads of brands including, of course, our sponsors Commencal; the famous company are based opposite our hotel, and and naturally have a huge presence wherever you go! We have a hire page elsewhere on the site for discounted direct hire with Commencal if you want to arrange a shiny Supreme or other models for your visit too…

You’ll often bump into pro riders training around the park or in town – Greg Minnaar, Loris Vergier and other riders now live here year round, and are often on the trails – as well as many other well known faces, such as the Athertons who we have bumped into in the past…and of course Andorra’s most famous biking celebrity Cedric Gracia, who can often be found in the park during daylight…and a succession of bars after dark!!

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in La Massana – and with tax-free, super low prices you can easily find food to suit any budget. For example, a nice, fresh, large pizza in a great italian along the street is only 11 euros (£9.50)! Even in the best restaurant in town you’ll find that the prices are low – treat yourself to the most expensive thing on the menu (a mahoossive T-Bone) is only about 25 euros, or £20! Our favourite bar, Mon Bohemi (Dirt called it “one of the best pubs I have been to” ) is run by bikers and serves a great choice of beer and food too….a large beer is around 4 euros, so half the price you pay in the Alps!

When you stay with us in the heart of La Massana you get an incredible deal, only possible due to our status as Vallnord’s Official Holiday Partner. We’re calling them “Morzine Busting Prices” because the accommodation, transfer and lift pass packages we have designed blow a lot of traditional holiday in the Alps out of the water!

It’s due to our special status that we get silly prices on things, and we pass these savings onto you. Our total price for these great apartments, INCLUDING Airport Transfers, Lift Passes and Breakfasts is far less than anything you’d be able to put together on your own – it’s stupidly cheap, frankly! This gives you a really good amount of space, a decent kitchen, washing machine and other facilities. They are right in the centre of town next to the bike park, and you will have one of the best located post-ride bars next door – the Commencal Spot is a great place to get a beer with dozens of other riders after returning from the trails! The apartments are bike friendly (store your bike either on the balcony or in the garage) have wifi and parking available, plus well proportioned rooms, a well equipped kitchen with a coffee machine, kettle and all the bits you will need, and they nearly all boast great views up to the mountains.

Holiday Pricing

Our total price for our great apartments, INCLUDING Airport Transfers, Lift Passes and Breakfasts is less than the very cheapest price you would be able to organise on your own – it’s a bona fide bargain! These prices are exclusive to Singletrack Safari as the Official Holiday Partner of Pal Arinsal Bike Park.

Overview Available Dates
7 Night Price Short Break Price Single Supplement Special Offers

Official Pal Arinsal Holiday 2024

– Great apartments
– Self-catering
– Choice of transfer time
– Lift Pass Included
– Simple, Secure Bike Storage
– Washing Machine
– Wifi Available
– Kitchen

June 2024

Before 22nd June (tbc) Bike Park open Fri, Sat, Sun only

Park open 7 days per week from 22nd June (tbc)

September 2024

All dates before 8th September (tbc)

After 8th September (tbc) park closes weekdays – open Sat / Sun only

June/ Sept

Fully flexible –  we can offer any number of nights available at similar rates – please ask for details

June/ Sept

Fully flexible –  we can offer any number of nights available at similar rates – please ask for details

7 nights £230

4 nights £150

Availability is always changing on these apartments, so please contact us.


Official Pal Arinsal Holiday 2024

– Great apartments
– Self-catering
– Choice of transfer time
– Lift Pass Included
– Simple, Secure Bike Storage
– Washing Machine
– Wifi Available
– Kitchen

July 2024

All dates available

August 2024

All dates available

July / August

Fully flexible –  we can offer any number of nights available at similar rates – please ask for details

July/ August

Fully flexible –  we can offer any number of nights available at similar rates – please ask for details

7 nights £340

4 nights £210


Availability is always changing on our apartments, so please contact us.

Please request availability for:

– MTB World Championships August 28th to September 1st 2024 (tbc)


Favourite Trails

Commencal Track Blue Trail

Descent: 1050m / 12km approx
Uplift: 1050m / Climb: DH trail

  • Buttery smooth and flowing at the top
  • Fast and furious below the treeline
  • Just as much fun on an enduro bike as a big rig!
  • Hugde blue trail from top of the mountain to town
  • Cedric Gracia's current favourite
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World Cup Track Black Trail

Uplift: 600m / Climb: DH trail
Descent: 600m / 2.5km

  • Dare you ride Andorra's most infamous track?
  • Insanely steep, highly technical and really long
  • THE favourite track of many of the top DH pro riders
  • One of the toughest DH tracks on Planet Earth
Read more

Cubil Red Trail

Descent: 388m / 2.5km
Uplift: 388m / Climb: DH Trail

  • Super speed across the high meadows
  • Flow trail with tables, gaps, hips, stepups
  • The best views of any park trail in Andorra
  • A great trail for sessioning and improving
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Corpalanca Blue Trail

Uplift: 270m / Climb: DH Trail
Descent: 270m / 2km

  • The hardest blue trail in the park
  • Optional drops and jumps
  • The mini road gap is a great place to try your first larger drop
  • One of the dustiest trails you will ever ride!
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Maxiavalanche Red/ Black Trail

Descent: 1058m / 12.5km
Uplift: 1058m / Climb: DH Trail

  • The Megavalanche's little brother!
  • Probably the longest trail in the park
  • A true fusion trail; bike park and natural tech
  • Utterly different to anything else at Vallnord!
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Wood Park / Project One Red / Black Trails

Uplift: 270m / Climb: DH Trail
Descent: 270m / 3km approx

  • Wood Park I - suitable for all - every feature has a rollable line
  • Wood Park II - longer, more options and some massive features
  • A great place to develop your skills
  • Step it up a level on Cedric Gracia's Project One
  • Project One - loam, rocks, drops, roots, ladders and chaos!
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"5 stars - thoroughly recommend it to anybody who loves challenging natural technical single track "

Rob Holmes

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