Our Coronavirus Policies 2022

We are fortunate to ride with guests from all over the planet every year – and whilst many are from the UK, we also have a large percentage of bookings from all over the World. Whilst we are gradually heading into a brighter future of vaccination and eventual suppression of the virus, various countries and regions are at different stages. As a result, we now need to take an adaptive approach to ensure that our guests have clear options in the event of Covid-related travel difficulties.

We have a very strong code of ethics as a company, which we try to reflect at every stage of your booking; from the very first enquiry to the last day of riding we work incredibly hard to give you the best, most professional and supportive service in the MTB holiday industry. And we want to continue to do so as we all fight to overcome this unprecedented global event. Life is currently very tough, without the added stress of holiday worries – so anything we can offer to help reassure our guests seems the least we can do!

We also strongly recommend that you gain Coronavirus Travel Insurance – this is now widely available – which will cover you in the case of covid-related cancellations and losses – please see the Q&A section below for further details. We hope that you will be able to travel to us for a great holiday without issue – but it is very possible that during 2022 different nations and regions will be at varying stages of outbreak control, vaccination, and regulation. Basically, none of us know what the next few weeks and months hold and how developments may affect your travel arrangements, so gaining thorough insurance cover is logical.

For 2022 our Covid-19 policies, effective immediately in the case of lockdowns, travel restrictions or illness affecting your ability to travel on your selected dates are as follows:


a) You can defer your trip to an alternative week free of charge. You can amend your booking to any other week in 2022, or 2023, subject to availability.
– Normally we are not able to defer trips across different years – but these are exceptional circumstances, so we are going to make this possible.
– In the case of deferrals to 2023 we will issue a voucher to the value of your payments made at the time of deferral.
– We will not charge our standard £75 booking amendment fee to swap to an alternative week. This fee will be waived for all amendments to bookings to make your decision easier.

b) If you defer to later in 2022 and this new date also looks to be affected, you will still be able to defer to 2023 at a later stage– for which we will issue a voucher to the value of your payments made at the time of deferral.

c) We will freeze the price of your booking if you need to defer to later in 2022
. Therefore, if there is a price difference between the week you have booked and the one you need to defer to, we will not make any additional charges.

d) We will protect/freeze your price if you choose you defer to 2023. If our costs do not increase, we guarantee will not make any additional charges to you
. If our suppliers need to increase their prices as result of the global situation we will guarantee that your booking price will not rise unless absolutely necessary, & any increase is capped at a 10% maximum.


If you are unable to defer your trip and need to entirely cancel your booking due to Coronavirus, we will amend our deposit refund rules. Instead of forfeiting your entire deposit we will offer you a 50% refund of the amount paid.

Up to 6 weeks before arrival, most people will lose only a maximum £72* by cancelling, or far less in many cases. This is to show our determination to help reduce your financial difficulties in these challenging times, and we also will issue official cancellation invoices to help support you with any claim on your insurance for other losses.

*- per person, based on guests having paid a 20% deposit – balances are due 6 weeks before the arrival date.


 How can I protect my trip from financial loss in the event of travel being affected by Coronavirus-related issues?

 Many travel insurance companies are now offering policies which offer you specific cover if covid-19 prevents you from travelling. Policies vary – but many include cover for cancellation or curtailment if you test positive – or if a close relative, or someone you were going to travel with has a positive test. Please note that we cannot provide specific insurance advice, so please ensure you read relevant policies before purchasing them. For an example of one such policy see https://www.postoffice.co.uk/coronavirus-help-support/travel-insurance

 A national lockdown / local tier/level advises against or restricts my ability to travel outside of my home area and I’m due to travel imminently, what does this mean for my holiday? Am I entitled to a refund?

 Guests with holidays due to depart while national or local restrictions are in place are advised to contact us immediately to discuss their options. The best option is deferring to a later date – which would mean our guests will still get their holiday and have something to look forward to. If you wish to defer but cannot settle on a specific date we will issue a credit note to the value of your payments at the time of deferral. There are likely to be options to amend travel dates beyond the end of the restrictions.

If you need to cancel rather than defer we will offer a 50% reduction on the stated cancellation fees in our Terms and Conditions in order to cover the costs which we will already have incurred. If we are forced to cancel your trip you will be entitled to a deferral or refund.

 What should I do if Andorra has introduced a ban on travel?

 At the time of writing, many countries have temporarily closed borders, and in future may restrict movement or bring in new quarantine rules with little warning due to local surges of infections. They may also make specific rules regarding inbound travel from specific foreign nations. Guests due to travel in this scenario will be contacted by us urgently to discuss their options. Irrespective of the guidance around travel in your home area or the tier you are in, if you are booked but later it transpires that Andorra is no longer permitting entry to people from your country, then a deferral or refund will be offered as previously described.

What should I do if my flight/ferry/crossing is cancelled?

Although this is beyond our control, if you are booked on a flight/ ferry/ crossing that is cancelled due to Covid, you will also be offered a deferral or partial refund if a suitable date cannot be identified. We advise that you should check the status of your bookings regularly.

What are my options for postponing a trip?

As a result of the extraordinary situation and customer concerns over coronavirus, we are doing all we can to offer more flexible booking policies at this time, such as giving customers the option to change their travel date should they wish to postpone their holiday due to covid-19 related issues. In certain circumstances, such as pre-existing bookings, your ideal deferral arrangement may not be possible, and an alternative future date will need to be sought.

What happens if Singletrack Safari has to amend the format of my trip due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Whilst unforeseen local restrictions may force us to change our plans, alter the structure of our week, impact access to certain areas or services, or create transport issues we will strive to deliver you the best holiday experience we possibly can. These aspects and impacts are clearly beyond our control and impossible to plan for – but we will do everything possible to mitigate them and make sure that you still get a great week of riding with us. This may mean that some routes, logistical aspects or normal plans need to be amended to make the week work – but we will do everything we can in order to stay as close to our intended trip structure as we possibly can.

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