Insurance Requirements

In addition to your riding gear and helmet, you won’t be able to hit the trails without showing us your proof of personal accident insurance for mountai bike holidays. In order to ride with Singletrack Safari you must have adequate mountain bike holidays insurance – without it we will not be able to guide and advise you. This is not unique to us – every reputable mountain biking company will require the same thing.

The type of cover which you need will be active sports insurance for mountain biking, and which includes mountain rescue by helicopter if required – please check your policy. You receive basic levels of medical support with your European Health Insurance Card, but mountain rescue is usually not included. Please base the choice of cover you select on the type of riding you plan to do with us  – if you are plan on riding DH extensively make sure you have “Downhill” cover – but you certainly don’t need cover for “Racing”!

European Health Insurance Cards

Be aware – Andorra is NOT an EU member state, and therefore EHIC Cards are NOT VALID for any coverage for treatment. We require you to have Health Insurance anyway, but this demonstrates why it is so important to be covered fully. Also bear in mind that your EHIC card does not cover you for Third Party Liability in any countries – so basically if you crash into someone else out on the trails and injure them you could be liable for compensation – most of these policies also provide these benefits in the package.

Who Do We Recommend for Insurance?

We have frequently used Sportscover Direct MTB Travel Insurance for our insurance and can recommend their levels of cover and service. We have also used Insure And Go in recent years and can state that their policies are excellent value, if slightly less specialised.

We’ll need to see hard copy proof of your insurance before you ride – please bring it with you. Why do we ask for a hard copy? Because if you are unfortunate enough to need to claim on it you’ll need proof of it with you…it’s no good if you have left it at home!

In addition we’ll need to see your European Health Insurance Card (the card which replaced the old E111 document) – if you don’t have one or want to know more about it visit NHS EHIC Info where you can apply over the phone or online. It’s free and is valid for 5 years, so there’s no reason not to have one.

"...the most perfect sun-dappled loamy singletrack any of us had ever ridden."

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