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We featured heavily in Dirt Magazine a little while ago, and they came back last Autumn to see us again too! They wrote some very nice things about us (aww, thanks guys..) and we even had one group book after reading it, who said they had “never read a magazine feature that had really made us want to go on holiday somewhere as much” as Dirt’s article about Singletrack Safari in Andorra!

James, who went on to become editor at Dirt, spent many summers living and working in Morzine absolutely glowed with praise for what’s on offer in Andorra, saying that “Queues are non-existent and the trails are quite simply, fun. I love the place and I’ll be back there to ride the dusty, twisty flow-tastic trails hopefully very soon…” High praise indeed!


Here’s a few highlights: On riding in Andorra : “It’s hard not to like …the air is clear, the sky is blue…Plumes of white dust kick up…and warm, dry air feeds into your lungs…jump after jump, berm after berm…in to any of the multiple dusty, rocky, techy and flowy main trails and you have yourself a lot of options…everyone is having a great time on a perfectly graded, well maintained & modern mountainside….serviced in what I have learned to be typically efficient Andorran fashion by the fast and modern lifts…Queues are non-existent and the tracks are quite simply fun. I love the place and I’ll be back there to ride the dusty, twisty flow-tastic trails hopefully very soon…”

The Atmosphere: “A bustling mountain full with riders of various nationalities all enjoying the typically great weather, the cheap eating and the huge array of tracks. There are tech-fests, jump trails and flat out freight trains down the hill ….But overall there’s just a nice feeling to the place. Locals are all out in force every lunchtime and it just feels like everyone is having a great time…perfectly graded, well maintained and modern..I could happily live in the country…the bike riding is almost unbeatable, food and fuel is cheap and the beers are served in frosted glasses.”

About our Accomodation: “a superb hotel…swanky and brand new…not the sort of extravagance expected from a bike trip but the kind that Andorra can provide for a lot less money than you’d expect.

About our natural riding and guiding: “It’s not all about Bike Parks either. Singletrack rides feature on every slope and under every forest canopy, tiny valleys reach away from towns and villages, and hide within them tracks and trails to nurture every bike rider’s tastes. Singletrack Safari know them all and will gladly show you around their favourite corner of Europe.

Our service: “We recommend booking a stay with Singletrack Safari for their unrivalled knowledge of the area… for singletracks that the lifts won’t take you anywhere near. Great hosts and organised beyond belief.” “Paradise”

"All I can say is absolutely fantastic!!! It was literally the best holiday i have ever had."

Dave Leighton

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