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Spanish Holidays Will Return Soon

We stopped running our Trail Tapas holiday, which was based in Andalucia, back in 2015. We did this for several reasons – which we will explain below….however we are currently working on several all-new destinations which we hope to introduce in 2018! We almost had a Spanish mountain biking holiday in place for 2017, but unfortuantely it did not quite come together… In fact, it looks extremely likely that we will in fact be introducing TWO very exciting new big-mountain destinations next year.

However, the very best alternative to Spain simply has to be Andorra – it IS a partially-Spanish state after all – it borders on Spain and 64% of the population actually is Spanish! Also you’ll find huge mountains, incredible singletrack, hot sunny weather and a super bike-friendly attitude…oh, and it’s very cheap to visit too!

Demand for our incredible, uplifted Andorran guided holidays became so high in 2015 that we virtually sold out every week, so we started considering the options for running it all season – and we did just that in 2016. This demand has been due to the huge media attantion we have had via reviews in Mountain Biking UK, Dirt and MBR magazines in recent years. On top of this Andorra has emerged fully as Europe’s hottest new riding destination – it is now an annual fixture for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, and back in 2015 Andorra even hosted the World Championships.

In addition to the simple demand, our growth over the years has neccesitated a change of the way we operate from our original, road-trip-style holidays. We used to collect guests from Malaga airport each week and then spend the following 7 nights travelling around Andalucia and visiting 5 different mountains ranges. We loved it – it was a magical holiday. However, we have outgrown the format and we simply could no longer continue to run the holiday due to it’s increasingly complex logistsics.

Most importantly of all, mountain bike holidays (and mountain biking!) has changed – and our guests’ main request, as the years have progressed, has been for less climbing. Unfortunately, in the rugged, remote areas where we operated this was not an option – there were no roads for running van uplifts! Basically if you want to get high into the remote inland Spanish mountains you have to climb all the way to the top under your own steam – and for today’s holiday market that simply doesn’t appeal to so many people…

Our Andorra Altitude holiday has been carefully refined from year to year, and we have now reached a perfect balance of mind-blowing riding, superb trails, easy transfers and great prices. And now our natural trail riding incorporates DAILY uplifts to get you higher and further into Andorra’s huge mountains than ever before – we are even publishing data on exactly how far you can expect to descend! Why uplifts? Well, most people want to spend the majority of their time descending, so all our riding in high season will have a high start and a low finish..sure there’s still the odd small climb, but all routes now feature MINIMUM of 75% DESCENT!

"...what mountain bikers dreams are made of...these guys provide the full package!"

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