Availability Update 24th April Extra Spaces Added!

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Things are going crazy on the bookings front this month, so to help keep your options open we have added 2 places to all of our mid and high season weeks! We had several weeks that had sold out, or were verging on it – and enquiries keep coming – so we have decided to slightly expand our availability to help larger groups find a spot.

We normally max out our group size at 10 people, and we had several weeks where we only had two or 3 spots remaining, so we have added 2 more places in most weeks to take our group size up to 12, meaning that those weeks that only had, say 2 places remaining can now accept groups of 4…

Also, to ask a commo question, YES – the availability shown on our site is regularly updated – it was last done this morning – so you can base your plans around what you see online…

You may also notice a few weeks which bizarrely are very quiet – anyone booking for a week with more than 8 spaces available will get a very special sweetener to say thank you….an extra 5% off!


"...the most perfect sun-dappled loamy singletrack any of us had ever ridden."

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