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Last week we met with Commencal at their Andorra HQ for the first time since Covid prevented us operating during 2020-21. It was great to sit down with Max and his colleagues and finally get back on track!

We have had a lot of hire enquiries recently – so we travelled out to Andorra to meet up with our favourite bike creators, and long term partners – Commencal. We first had support from Commencal back in 2013, and we have worked with them almost non-stop ever since – they have been huge supporters and sponsors to us. The partnership makes huge sense – we guide and ride the very trails upon which they design and test their bikes!

We are delighted to announce that as we relaunch post-covid Commencal are once again on hand to support us and work with us as we get back on the trails in Andorra! However, due to ongoing supply chain issues causing long-term Worldwide problems with bike availability for all brands, this year will be slightly different. There simply isn’t stock availability to set up our guides on Commencals this season (although a few of us have some which we managed to get our mitts on!) – but the plan is to get all our staff back onto Commencal models for 2023.

But the biggest news is that BIKE HIRE IS BACK- and for 2022 you will be able to book a Commencal Hire Bike via our site with a very healthy EXCLUSIVE 10% DISCOUNT!

Unfortunately the ongoing supply chain issues mean that they cannot yet confirm their exact hire range, and once they do fewer bikes than usual will be available. As soon as they are able to confirm fuller details we will update the Bike Hire Pages of our website. These issues may mean that they initially launch with older models until stock of 2022 bikes arrives. 2022 models are expected to arrive in Andorra in early July – so older models will be used until that date.

These problems are not restricted to Commencal, of course, as anyone who has tried to buy a bike recently will know. The problems are actually related to parts supply and shipping issues due to global container shortages – so delays within the industry are extremely common.

However, as mentioned, a limited interim hire range and 2022 prices will go live very soon – and that 10% Discount for Singletrack Safari customers will continue all season, of course! Keep an eye on our bike hire section for updates and confirmation of models and prices.

"5 stars - thoroughly recommend it to anybody who loves challenging natural technical single track "

Rob Holmes

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