IMPORTANT Easyjet Now Landing Terminal 2C

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In a major change we have learned that Easyjet are now bringing arrivals into Barcelona via Terminal 2C, which was previously used only for outgoing departures.

Terminal 2C is Easyjet’s “sub-terminal” at Barcelona, and for many years has been the departure point for all Easyjet flights leaving Barcelona, however after a couple of reports recently we will be updating our arrival information packs, as it seems this situation has changed.

Some Easyjet flights are now ARRIVING into Terminal 2C when they land – this means that our pre-arrival info packs (which we email out to guests) are now innacurate!

If you arrive into Terminal 2C (as opposed to the main T2 building) you will need to exit the terminal, walk across the bus stop plaza to the main airport dropoff/collection road and take a LEFT turn. The pickup point itself is unchanged, and is actually very close to T2C – it is simply to the left of the terminal rather than the right! Of course, if you do not arrive into Terminal 2C the original instructions to find our shuttle bus are still the same…

Our pre-arrival email has always included a google streetview link of the location – we’d suggest that you check this before you arrive too, to help you visualise the location.

We’ll attempt to contact everyone arriving over the next few weeks to advise them of this too – and we will, of course, be updating our pre-arrival information before sending further packs out to guests!

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